Transistor kills the radio star?

Tornar a rádio um meio primário (só com a net)

«A top level advertising agency rep said at Thursday's Interep Power of Urban Radio Symposium that broadcasters today the radio industry must work to elevate its profile among advertisers to that of a primary medium, and said the first step in the process is teaching radio sellers to believe more in the medium.
"Radio today is a secondary or tertiary medium, but you need to make it secondary or primary," said Carat vice president and regional spot director Dennis McGuire. "Unfortunately, within the business we have almost adopted this ourselves. We must be more forceful and convince buyers and advertisers that radio is the way to go."
Burrell Communications Group vice president and media director Paul Hunt added, "Radio can sometimes be taken for granted, so we need to get to clients early and demonstrate radio's ROI. It's often the case that people in radio wait around for their piece of the pie, but often times there is no pie." » fonte: «Radio Must Elevate Its Profile», Radio Ink, September 21, 2007

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