Transistor kills the radio star?

Um novo modelo publicitário é necessário

«The challenge for the advertisement industry is that digital fragmentation, lots of digital radio choices (as in the UK) or new net-based stations, is shattering the premise of mass media commerce. New models involve getting closer to more defined and self-selecting audience groups, offering things they are more likely to be interested in, because of that self-selection and getting closer to sales rather than advertising through interactivity and ‘return paths’. This can generally be seen as the movement from ‘ambush’ to ‘permission’ commerce in new media. Equally sponsorship is back in vogue with fragmented audiences making sponsorship more valuable, and more economic, for advertisers. In the media market terminology the shift is from hard selling – and spot advertisement – to soft selling and marketing budgets where connecting commercial messages with audiences will come closer to the content whether in the product placement, in US television and film, or in direct sponsorship of content/programmes. (Thussu 2000)» (Shaw, 2005:11)

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