Transistor kills the radio star?

Publicidade da Google na rádio não avança

«Last June, I shared with the world Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s vision for personalized radio ads, and his need for a “pair of pants, in “Google targets GPS-based in-car personalized advertising”: Schmidt believes that when he is listening to the radio in his car, radio ads should personally address him about his needs. For example, while driving past a clothing store, a radio ad should remind Eric that he needs a pair of pants and instruct him to turn left at the upcoming clothing store… (...) Nine months after the dMarc acquisition, an eternity in “the entire cycle of Google,” Schmidt neglected to let the world know during its Q3 earnings call yesterday how he is proceeding in his quest for a “pair of pants,” and the $20 billion radio advertising market. Why was Google silent on its $1.13 billion 2006 diversification acquisition? During the Q2 earnings call, Schmidt indicated dMarc was on track to selling up a radio advertising storm: (...)  What I wanted to do is to finish by saying that we are in many ways crossing into another era here of what it will be possible to do with the Internet. We have gone from web search, various other forms of applications to now literally being able to do business, life, entertainment, especially with the integration of video, on the net. This is a very, very powerful, powerful way in which many, many companies, many, many users, many, many advertisers will use. But will they be using the radio, via dMarc Broadcasting?»

fonte: ZDNet, «Is Google hiding the radio star? Google silent on dMarc Broadcasting in Q3», October 20, 2006, Donna Bogatin @ 1:57 pm

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