Transistor kills the radio star?

A publicidade não é um problema?

Mark Ramsey: «Arbitron says that roughly 92% of listeners listening to what precedes a commercial break stay with that station into the break. And another high percentage of listeners stick out the entire break without switching stations. So what does this mean? (..) Taken to the obvious extreme, the logic suggests we should play whatever we want, run as many spots as we want, no matter how bad they are, because none of it matters anyway. (…) That is, what happens in any given moment between you and your radio station is one thing. What happens over a sweep of time between you and that same station is another. (…)Only a fool would conclude that listeners are so stupid as to be ignorant of our lapses in judgment. Only a fool would conclude that listeners would sooner tune in a station known for too many commercials and too much clutter when there's not value enough in that station to compensate for these sins. Arbitron's new research result about listener behavior during spot breaks is not a license for us to be bad programmers or lazy sellers. It does, however, urge us strongly to focus on the "big picture", the forest, and the message that forest communicates about your station.

Fonte: Hear2.0, « Arbitron Forest and Trees» Outubro 2006

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