Transistor kills the radio star?

Novas estratégias comerciais

«Radio should hire an entirely different sales staff solely compensated by commission to sell Internet and podcast opportunities. The pricing would differ from radio ad sales. And because the sales team is a different group of people, there would be no added-value giveaway opportunity. It would be treated as another business and not tied directly to the radio station’s ad sales team. This would allow stations to grow additional business from podcasts, HD channels and Internet sites that are linked to the local community.The cost will be low, and the potential revenue gains can be almost unlimited. We are amazing promoters and marketers, but we must turn our attention to new growth technologies. Broadcast companies must recruit creative people who can develop new revenue streams, then empower them to make it happen. If radio companies hire and support these “drivers,” they will deliver the goods on entirely new levels of business and generate a strong future beyond what radio used to be.» (Lloyd G. Ford,PodcastingFor Profit, 29/09/06)

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