Transistor kills the radio star?

Redução de publicidade da Clear Channel deu resultados?

A propósito desta iniciativa: «As reported by Reuters, Clear Channel yesterday forecast the first growth in radio revenue in more than a year, helped by its "Less Is More" commercial strategy, as it battles for listeners against competition from iPods, satellite radio and competing terrestrial radio stations. (...) "It’s a relief that revenues are no longer declining for Clear Channel," said Kit Spring, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus. »

Clear Channel Sees Revenue Growth, 22/2/06, Radio Ink

Detalhes: «Starting in 2005, the radio company began slashing commercial time at its stations to improve the listening environment, in part by pushing for 30-second ads rather than the more popular 60-second spots. Fourth-quarter and full-year 2005 radio revenue dropped 6% as the market adjusted to the change. Analysts expected Clear Channel’s year-over-year comparisons to improve in 2006 when pitted against the softer 2005 numbers» (

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