Transistor kills the radio star?

Reduzir os tempos será solução?

«When public radio has to consider making its programs shorter because young listeners won’t listen, we officially have a documented attention span problem. (...) Break the programming down into smaller chunks. That is, one hour of music is fine if you’re in the mood to listen for an hour. You’ll rarely find a young person doing that. In the past radio worked well with block programming -- variable length shows at different times. Growing up I remember "the adults" listening to WOR, New York that had, say, a 15-minute newscast, then a 45-minute program with the legendary Jean Sheppard. There was a different standard for program length. You just had to stay tuned. Maybe it’s a 45-minute show. Maybe a 55-minute program on health. The all-night show tended to be one long block figuring that the station was providing company for night owls. Back to the future. Even a top 40 station can break into a five song countdown anywhere on its clock -- say, featuring the five newest releases in the genre.»

 The Attention Span Problem  Inside Music media, 6/05/08 

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