Transistor kills the radio star?

O espaço para a rádio de comunidade (um exemplo)

It is not quite Oprah Winfrey's book club, but if you happen to live in the small Yorkshire town of Wetherby and you want advice on the latest hot books, the local librarian has a 20-minute slot on Tempo FM, the town's community radio station, telling you what is new on the shelves, and what the week's most borrowed books are. (...) that is the joy of community radio: when your potential audience is so small there has to be something for every pair of ears. "We do all the things local radio used to do," says Preedy. "We give out details of lost pets, we publicise coffee mornings and the police come in once a week and talk about crimes in the area." The annual budget for all this is around £5,000, says Preedy, which for their BBC rivals would barely cover focus groups.  Tempo FM's research is less scientific, he admits. "I get stopped in the street by people and end up pumping them for their opinions." There are no Rajar figures for the station, but Bob says it is on in all the cafes and shops in Wetherby, which justifies the £2 for a 20-second commercial slot that local butchers and bakers pay.» (Radio that listens to its audience, Guardian, 4/08/08)

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