Transistor kills the radio star?

Um conceito a explorar: auto-selecção de consumidores

«Advertising Age predicts the end of the 30-second commercial. Some say that all commercials will be replaced by self-selection of consumers»

«Broadcasters are already aware of the effectiveness of rudimentary text displays on DAB digital radios and it is a small leap to imagine what happens when this text display expands into a colour graphics screen. For the advertiser, this offers an opportunity to display brand logos, pack shots and other information alongside the audio. It is quite simple to run moving graphics and even video clips alongside the sound commercial. If that sounds like cheap TV then think again, because that analogy is to misunderstand how radio is consumed and how the visual display is likely to be used. The other element to DAB digital radio technology is the addition of memory to radio receivers. “Rewind Radios” are already available and allow the listener to pause live listening and resume minutes or even hours later. The next implementation of this technology to appear from early 2005 adds control signals broadcast via an EPG enabling listeners to navigate and schedule their listening to taste.»

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