Transistor kills the radio star?

Oferta de programas on demand (o futuro)

«CelleCast announced this week it has added five new programs to its network of on-demand talk radio programming including: Todd Feinburg Show, Nick Federoff on Gardening, Things Green Garden Minute, and science programs Earth and Sky and Clear Voices for Science.

The service already carries well-known hosts like Dr. Laura, Lou Dobbs, Jon Elliot and Dave Graveline.

Cell Phone users can start with CelleCast’s "Free and Easy" plan which requires registration but no fees. For more features, users can also upgrade to the service’s "Power Plan" for $9.95/month.

You can also listen to programming online at CelleCast was launched in November, 2007. (Corey Deitz)

«Are you a talk radio junkie? If you sometimes find yourself away from a radio you can still grab some programming on your cell phone with CelleCast. (...) CelleCast also recently introduced "CelleGrams" which allow listeners to bookmark and send audio clips from their cell phone to someone else who might be interested.»

«How To Listen to a CelleCast

Cellecasting is the easiest way to access and listen to News, Talk and a growing list of new programs. You can listen right here on the web, and you can listen and interact by just calling up a show on your home, mobile or office phone. Just dial and enjoy.

Use CelleCast From Your Phone

  1. Dial CelleCast’s universal access number (360-335-6000) or a phone number for a specific show.
  2. Follow the prompts to listen, with complete control to fast forward, pause, rewind or interact with hosts.Use CelleCast From the Web
  3. Find a program you want to hear under the "BROWSE PROGRAMS" menu
  4. Click "LISTEN NOW" from any screen to hear the program
  5. When logged in, programs can be saved to your playlist for automatic play next time you call

«The premise is simple. Listeners are empowered to listen to their favorite radio programs with any phone, at any time, from anywhere. Using CelleCast is as easy as dialing a phone number. No downloads required, no extra equipment to buy. A phone and the ability to dial is all it takes

Algumas questões que ainda não consegui perceber, porque o site não explica:

- os programas são emitidos em directo? com ouvintes?

- passam primeiro na rádio e depois neste operador? são simulcasting com a rádio?

O programa da dra Laura é emitido «Live links work only between Noon and 3:00pm PST» If there are no stations near you, Dr. Laura can be heard on XM Radio, via your cellphone through Cellecast, or through StreamLink: Ou seja, passa primeiro na rádio e depois é disponibilizado no cellecast, onde tambem pode ser ouvido em directo ou apenas depois, gravado? 

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