Transistor kills the radio star?

A rádio apanhada desprevenida

«Some of the founding fathers of consolidation truly believe satellite radio is their competition.
They are slow to embrace the Internet.
Have no plan to get into the mobile content business.
They are in deep denial that HD Radio will actually matter let alone make a difference.
They have become prisoners of Wall Street's slash 'em and trash 'em strategy of ruining good assets run by exceptional people just to deliver what investors want in the short term.
(...) WiFi on Wheels will prove to be radio's worst nightmare.
Ironically, the only thing more outdated than a tower and transmitter is the CEO who controls the tower and transmitter.
(...) To compete with thousands of new streams increasingly available on WiFi, terrestrial radio is going to have to get better. Fast.»

Colliano, iNside Music media, WiFi on Wheels -- Radio's Worst Nightmare  2/07/08

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