Transistor kills the radio star?

»O satélite vai fazer ao FM o que o FM fez ao AM»

"The similarities between radio in the seventies and what we're trying to do with satellite radio are unbelievable," says Abrams. "What was happening with AM versus FM back then - the migration of listeners from the AM dial to the FM dial - is exactly like what will happen in the year 2000. The headline will read 'XM Does to FM What FM Did to AM.' I think that's a pretty powerful statement (...)" (Lee Abrams, director de programas da XM).

(excertos de um memo interno enviado por lee Abrams em Janeiro de 1999)

«In 2000, FM Radio...

- Is not addressing most of the mass-appeal music styles (hard rock, jazz, reggae); XM will embrace these styles.

- FM no longer meets the audio standard for music, which has progressed from from stereo to digital; XM will deliver digital quality.

- FM doesn't play anything other than the hit single from any given artist; XM will go deep into a CD.

- FM doesn't reflect the look of the times. Its logos are too corporate and DJ look tired; XM will look, feel, and breathe modern culture in every way.

- FM is not part of the technological retooling; XM is an integral part of the digitizing of America.

- FM is making money, but listeners are suffering; XM will cash in simply by pleasing and exciting listeners.

- FM Sounds hokey and cliché; XM will be real, honest, and relatable.»

(McCoy, 1999: 149/150)  

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