Transistor kills the radio star?

iRadio da Motorola; ainda não é desta

«Motorola's iRadio mobile music solution is on hold for a while. The much-hyped service that had been in beta testing for more than a year now is going back to the drawing board for some major revisions, in the hopes it can one day see the light of day.
According to Motorola's Dave Ulmer, iRadio's primary champion and spokesperson, U.S. wireless operators balked at the idea of mobile phones that cached Internet radio streams via a PC connection, and instead wanted it to be a streaming music service that used their networks.
Operators in Asia and Europe are more open to the original iRadio model, and would adopt iRadio-capable device more quickly he says, but Motorola has no music licensing agreements in those areas like it does in the U.S.»

fonte: «Motorola's iRadio Delayed, February 28, 2007, Billboardbiz, by Antony Bruno

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