Transistor kills the radio star?

O HD tambem digitaliza a AM

«News that Radio Sangkakala in Indonesia has signed on with an AM HD Radio signal on 1,062kHz is being touted as the first foray of AM HD Radio hybrid technology in Asia by Broadcast Electronics, the transmission system vendor.

While a number of countries outside of the United States have granted experimental permits for FM HD radio broadcasts, little testing of Ibiquity's AM hybrid technology has been undertaken outside of the Western hemisphere.

The medium-wave HD Radio system was installed for Radio Sangkakala's owner, Pohan E. Harliman in April--15 years after private AM stations in Indonesia migrated to FM, virtually abandoning the medium-wave band. The station, reportedly the first privately owned AM operation to return since the 1991 exodus, purchased the rights to three channels and is operating its carrier in the center of the available bandwidth with an output power of 10kW.

Coverage and reception of the digital signal has been reported as "excellent" by the station's owner/operator

fonte: «AM HD Radio on Air in Indonesia», beradio, 21/6/06

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